Best Career Networking Technique

I have some friends that have been unemployed for over a year now. A couple of them are extremely brilliant people. They are both, not just smart, but very savvy in their field. They have been submitting resumes but most companies are under a hiring freeze. And, the companies that are hiring end up hiring someone that was referred to them through an acquaintance. So, here is where I come in....

I have been working for a successful recruiting firm for a while now. We do mostly aerospace recruiting so I never seem to have any openings that my two buddies would have been qualified for. But, we do recommend a certain practice that works well in aerospace since people in that sector seem to know each other. This practice also works extremely well in any field, especially when it is implemented correctly with the help of your friends and family. This tactic must be followed the way it is proposed, don't go thinking it is going to work via email, or just through a reminder. Follow the steps and it can be the most powerful networking technique your career will ever benefit from.

- The first thing you need to do is write down your name, job field, work status, and contact info. Below you will find an example of what it should look like.

Name: John Smith

Power phrase and Field of expertise: Success Driven Marketing Specialist

Status: Currently Seeking Employment

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 333-555-4444

The next thing you are going to do is get a couple hundred business cards printed with the above information on them. Once you have them made, carry them with you and give them to anyone you know. Don't just hand them away though. Tell your friend, acquaintance, or family member something like this: "I would appreciate it if you would do me a favor. I am seeking employment. This is very important to me right now. I am interested in this field of work. Would you please carry this card with you and if you come across someone who might know of a job, or know of someone that might know someone in that field, please give this to them and recommend me." You see, if you just email your friends, or mention it to them at a bar that you are looking for employment, it will go in one ear and out the other. If you present them with a card that has all the info about you, your field of work and your contact info, it will not only be readily available to them, but it will jog their memory when these networking moments come to fruition.

This does work. After sharing this tactic with my two friends, both were hired to new positions within six weeks. Tim got his referral through our friend Danny who we had been out with probably six times before Tim gave him the card. Tim and Danny had talked numerous times about Tim's job search. It wasn't until Danny was talking to a neighbor in line at the dry cleaner that he remember that the neighbor and Tim shared the same job filed. My other friend Dana handed the card to her Aunt who realized later that she knew someone who connected her to her new position in sales.

So, order up some cards, hand them out and take full advantage of the social network you never knew you had. As of the time this article is published, there is a special promotion I arranged for my readers. I am not sure how long this will last, so you might want to jump on it now. It is for 250 completely free business cards from the largest printer on the net. It is really easy to order, just click here.......................................Best of luck to you.

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