Eight Personality Traits To Improve Your Career

You can drastically improve the future of your career and life by giving some thought to your personality traits. If you work on the following eight traits you will look back on an amazing career and realize that these traits likely paved the way.

The Helper: People seem to get lost too easily in their careers and think that helping others will in some way hurt their chances of advancement. Have the mindset that you are always willing to help others and you will go far. The greatest presidents and CEO's surround themselves with people like this. Get in this mindset and stay there.

Problem Solver: Be the person that your coworkers look to when they need something solved. It is always the great problem solvers that are regarded as the most intelligent. It will be remembered when important decisions need to be made. Everyone wants the problem solver on their team.

The Networker: Never shy away from a chance to network. Getting to know the people around you and who they know is very important. Keep notes on the people you meet and always exchange contact details. Here again, if you are known as someone who is connected to many professionals, you are a valuable asset.

The Humble: Be confident but not cocky. Let your actions and accomplishments speak for you.

Detail Minded: Attention to the details is a very important work trait. Few mistakes occur when you pay close attention to the details. Become the one known for his/her attention to detail and you have raised your value as an employee.

The Learner: Don't be the person who thinks they know everything. But, be a constant learner. There is never a shortage of information as it relates to your field or industry. If you are constantly learning, you are constantly evolving as an employee.

Take Responsibility: Be responsible for decisions even when it puts you at risk. The person that grabs the bull by the horns is always noticed. When you take responsibility and succeed it will be noticed by those you work with and work for.

Be Creative: Think outside the box when it comes to work problems, strategies and practices. The creative thinkers always end up with the best positions down the road. Get in the habit of thinking outside of the box.

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