How To Get a Raise

People think regularly about how nice it would be to get a raise. Sometimes getting that raise is easier than you would think. Keep these things in mind and that raise might become a reality.

1) Know where you stand. If you have ongoing discussions with your boss about your performance it is easier to justify a raise when you choose to ask for one. This gets them in the habit of saying you are achieving your goals and working well.

2) Sometimes just asking for something can have surprising results. Schedule a time to sit down with your boss. At the meeting tell him or her that you would like to discuss your salary. Just tell them that you feel that you deserve a raise. Ask them how they feel about that and if they think you deserve one. This gives you the chance to hear whether you do or don't from the horse's mouth. If you do, then ask them when and how much of a raise you should get. If they don't think you deserve a raise, ask them the reasons and tell them you plan to work on your deficiencies.

3) Don't use ultimatums. These tend to backfire as your boss will rarely allow you to have the power in the relationship. They will feel if they give into you now that they have somehow lost their control over you.

4) Shop around before you ask for a raise. Check and see what comparable jobs in your area are paying. You might find that your current salary is extremely competitive. You won't know until you research this, and you might be asked by your boss the average salary for your position in the city or state you live.

5) Add value to your position. Be the one in the office that people turn to when they are stuck with something. The more value you hold in your position, the more leverage you will have when you request a raise. The employees with value are never overlooked in a company, everyone knows who they are.

6)Be prepared to market yourself. Show examples of your exemplary work and achievements for the company. Share when your problem solving skills have provided value to the company.

Set out with a plan and have all the bases covered before you ask your boss for a raise. If you approach this properly you greatly increase your chances of getting it.

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