How To Make a Salary History Sheet

Many times a prospective employer will ask you for a salary history sheet. This is a simple guide to salary history sheets that will have you set in no time.

1) Make sure that your salary history sheet matches your resume, cover letter, etc. The paper, font and color should all be the same.

2) At the top of the sheet write "Your Name: Salary History"

3) List your past salaries with the most current one at the top. Put the company name, your position, and their contact information. Create two columns, one that lists your starting salary and another that lists your ending salary.

Include benefits if there were any beneath you ending salary. These could include stocks or percentage ownership in the company.

You can also list bonuses in this section. Just say "bonuses" and list them.

4) A word on confidentiality agreements. If your previous employer had you sign a confidentiality agreement regarding your salary, you can't legally disclose your salary. This can be good sometimes when you don't want to discuss your previous salary details. Just know that you might have to produce a copy of that confidentiality agreement if your new employer requests it.

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