Job Company Research

So many people who are interested in a position within a company overlook the research step. It is so important, on many levels, to learn and understand a company's identity and yet it is constantly overlooked.

First, it is important to understand what type of company you will be possibly working for. Do you have any moral or ethical disagreements with the company, or maybe some of the products they sell? Do they regularly have labor disputes with their employees? Is their stock tanking? Sometimes people don't think to research a company they are applying to. This is a mistake because we spend so much time at our jobs, and it is a massive waste of time to find out later that you don't fit there.

Secondly, being prepared for your interview is key. Make sure you have researched the company and have a basic grasp of what they do, and how they started. Taken a step further, it is important to ask the interviewer at least one good question about the company or an issue that might be a "hot-topic" in their industry. This shows you have done some exploring and have a genuine interest in their company and the position you are applying for. Below are some of the places Peak Recruiters recommends you do your research.

The company website is the perfect place to start. Be familiar with the different divisions or sections within the company. Learn what products and services they offer. If they have a blog, you can get a grasp of what others are saying about the company.

Search Engines are a great place to find company information. From here, you can search for news articles about the company you are applying for. You can find details on current and past topics that involve the company.

Financial sites can be a tremendous place to find very pertinent information about a company and their economic health. If they are a publicly held company you can also find profit and loss information (annual reports) on these types of sites.

Message boards are a wonderful place to find out what people, employees and clients are saying about the company and topics that relate to them and their industry.

Company research is so important and so frequently overlooked when it comes to career searching. Do your research thoroughly and properly to give yourself an added edge over the competition.

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