Job Networking Events

One of the best ways to increase your chances of landing that new dream job is through networking. This can be a happy hour with friends, or a job/career networking event. If you treat these events properly and follow some of these tips you will be pleasantly surprised at the contacts you will obtain and the career opportunities that they can deliver.

1) Be Outgoing: This seems almost a given at a networking event, but it is very important. Sometimes it is hard to be very outgoing but going the extra mile here will pay huge dividends.

2) Look The Part: It is super important to look you best during networking opportunities. Make that killer first impression and you might have someone there thinking that they could see you working on their team.

3) Ask good questions: When getting to know someone, it is a good idea to ask them questions. When you ask people questions about themselves and about their career and their lives you become instantly memorable. People will always remember those who were interested in getting to know them.

4) Make Eye Contact: Making and keeping eye contact through the conversation is tremendously important at networking events. Everyone knows what it feels like when you are talking to someone who doesn't care. Don't be that person, keep those eyes connected.

5) Smile: This is another one that you would think is common sense, but doesn't always come through. Sometimes we don't even realize it but if you look lost, tired, or bored you aren't going to be very approachable. Keep that smile showing and you will meet more people and be more memorable.

6) Drinking and Eating: A cocktail or two to loosen things up is fine. Just make sure you don't overdo it. You don't want to be slurring your words when networking, it will kill your chances right then and there. Also, make sure not to eat while you are talking to people.

7) Handshake: Remember a firm handshake when meeting, greeting, and saying goodbye. A handshake should be firm, but not too hard. Also, remember to make eye contact and use the person's name when possible.

8) Speech: Have a quick speech prepared that tells your name, what field you are/were in, and what type of position you are searching for. Keep this quick and make sure to practice so you are comfortable with it.

9) Card Please: Always, always give and get a business card. Meeting someone at a networking event is useless unless you have a way to contact them again. If you are unemployed, get some cards made that have your name, contact info, and professional field/position you are interested in. Here is a company offering free business cards if you need them..................................................

Keep these networking party tips in mind and I am sure you will find a bunch of new contacts that will lead to some positive future business.

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