New Job Tips

So you are excited because you just got the job of your dreams. Here are some of the things you need to think about and do leading up to that very special "first day" at your new job!

1) Rest Up: It is very possible that you could be so excited or nervous before that first day that you don't sleep well the night before. Look your best anyway by getting enough rest the days leading up to your debut. Rent some movies and just relax for the couple days before you start your new job. Make sure to get a good amount of sleep those two days as well.

2) Research: It is important to have a general grasp of the company. Study their website if they have one and search the internet for articles, publications, and industry news regarding the company. If you start your career knowing the basics of what the company identity is you will be ahead of the game.

3) New Clothes: It is extremely important to look your best when you are starting a new job. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So make sure to have some nice looking and professional outfits for your first weeks on the job. A great book on dressing for success is ......................................

4) Directions: Know two ways to get to your new place of work. This sounds funny, but what if there is an accident and you need to find another route? You don't ever want to be late when starting a new job. Leave early and know an alternate route. GPS units that show you how to get to a destination are getting really cheap and provide a peace of mind for this. ..........................................

5) Work Late: It is really important to add some extra hours in the beginning. You boss will be probably be going a little light with your workload in the beginning while you learn the ropes. Show him/her that you can handle that and more by asking for a little extra work and maybe stay a little longer at the end of the day. Don't overextend yourself, but show what type of employee you will be.

6) Social: Make a real effort to get to know your new co-workers. Don't be shy. If you really make an extra effort here it will pay huge dividends.

7) Set Some Goals: Set some realistic goals for yourself and keep a weekly/monthly goal sheet where you grade yourself on attaining those goals.

8) Ask The Boss: Keep communication with your boss about your performance. Ask them regularly how you are doing in your new position and if there are any areas you can improve in. This shows them that you are driven to succeed and have a passion for your career.

9) Be positive: If you are upbeat, the others around you will be upbeat too. Positivity is contagious and it will rub off on your coworkers.

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