Resume Tips That You Should Know

It seems like a lot of people are forgetting some of the most important resume tips, so I am going to go over them for you. Here is my list of things to keep in mind and double check when you are writing and turning in your resume.

Check to make sure you have the right phone number listed on your resume and that your voicemail message is professional.

Make sure you have a professional email address listed on your resume. sexysally@hotmail is not a professional email address. I recommend setting up an email strictly for your career and only using it for that.

Don't use the same email address as you use for Facebook and/or Myspace. It is best to keep your social life and your career separate, especially when you are job searching. Many employers today look around on social networking sites to see what kind of life job candidates have after dark.

References are an essential part of your job searching arsenal. That being said, you should have all your friends on your reference list. Your reference list should be mostly people who have worked with you. It is okay to have 1 friend for every 2-3 work related references.

Always include a cover letter with your resume. Spend some time on your cover letter, it is really important. If you need help writing your cover you can get it here.......................

No emoticons or funny symbols on your resume or cover letter. Keep all correspondence with potential employers as professional as possible.

Keep your resume professional. You might like flashy colors and illustrations on your documents, but don't use them on your resume and cover letter. Make sure your cover letter and resume match in font, color, etc.

When you send someone a resume also make sure you send it in a format they can view. Don't just copy and paste it into an email, or expect they have the Microsoft Word program. The best format to send a resume is as an attachment in the pdf file format. Also, make sure to double check that you have attached it before sending the email.

Finally, it is really important to proof read and spell check your resume and cover letter. This seems like common sense but a ton of people don't do this. If you have friend or family member that will help you with this, even better.

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