Things Not To Do On Your Resume

Most of the time, the first person that looks at your resume is trying to answer a few basic questions. The answers to these questions determine whether your resume goes into the maybe pile or the no pile. Most of these questions have to do with whether you are qualified, competent, driven, stable, etc. Though you can't always control how the hiring manger feels about every aspect of your resume, you can control a lot. Let's spend some time and look at some of the things you should never do when it comes to your resume. This will give you an added edge against the people that make these mistakes all the time.

- Don't make your resume too long. If you think it is too long, it probably is. One to two pages is more than enough room for a normal resume.

- Don't beef up your resume with junk. You are not going to make yourself out to be a more qualified candidate by adding a bunch of fillers.

- Don't list your hobbies or special interests on your resume. If you are asked about these things in the interview process that is one thing, but leave them off the resume.

- Don't use your sexy or funny email address for your contact information. This isn't the time to have fun, this is the time to be professional. I always suggest using an email address dedicated to your career. Keep it professional and separate from your facebook and myspace account.

- Don't list a phone number on your resume unless it has a professional voicemail message. If this is a problem, there are free internet phone services like............................................... popping up that you can use only for career related calls and contacts.

- Don't use one resume and cover letter to apply for multiple positions within a company or institution. This is just plain lazy and it will come across that way to the hiring manger.

- Don't talk on your resume about why you are looking for work, how long you have been looking for work, or any other sort of personal information pertaining to your job search. This information has no business on your resume. If you think someone is going to hire you because they feel sorry for you, you are wrong.

- Don't use strange, interesting, or fun fonts, paper, or formatting. Stick to plain white paper and normal fonts and sizes. Abnormal sized papers and parchment does not scan well and won't make you look unique or classy.

- Don't use emoticons like :-) ;-) :-( or abbreviations on your resume. If you feel that you have to use abbreviations you must at least define the abbreviation upon the first use.

- Last, but not least, don't forget spelling and grammar. Nothing kills your chances of landing a job more than spelling errors and poor grammar on your resume and cover letter. Have a friend or family member proof read your work and you will be good to go.

Keep these things in mind when writing your resume and cover letters. These things seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people make these mistakes. Good Luck!

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