Thanks Peak Recruiters. I love my new job! and my salary is amazing.
Karen S.

I can't tell you how happy I am and grateful for all your help. You run a top notch operation over there. Keep up the good work!
Dave D.

Dear Peak Recruiters. I just wanted to send you a little note of thanks. I was placed two weeks ago and I love my new job and the people I work with. It is like night and day compared to my old job.
Steve N.

Hi Jon, I just wanted to send you an IM to let you know I am so happy with my new career. All our hard work has paid off and I am super happy with the results. Tell the whole Peak Recruiters team thanks from me.
Wendy A.

WOOHOO I got a job! Thanks Peak Recruiters. Your information and great resources put me steps ahead of the rest.
Molly F.

After trying other unsuccessful job boards, I signed on with Peak Recruiters and have been very pleased with your attention to me. I recommend you to all my friends that are looking for a better job.
L. Bennett

Thanks Peak Recruiters! I started my first day today. This job feels like the perfect fit. I wasn't sure at first but after following all your instructions it really paid off.
Nancy P.

I need to send your company and my personal peak recruiter coach a huge thanks. My new career has taken off and I am so happy. Dan over there is doing a great job for you guys. God Bless!
Cindy T.

First let me say I was a little skeptical at first. After deciding that I was committed to my career I followed your lead. All I can say is wow. I was placed in my new job and I love it! Thanks Peak Recruiters.
Kim S.

A quick note of thanks. With so many people competing for the same jobs I didn't think I had a chance. I followed your instructions and was placed by you guys in two weeks. My new job is great, so I just wanted to come back and say thanks. You have a great service and tremendous employees.
Lydia T.

Huge thanks to Peak Recruiters! If only more people knew how easy it can be to get a job through you guys. They helped me get my resume perfect, my cover letter written and my job. I can't thank you enough. I recommend Peak Recruiters to anyone looking for a job.
Sean R.

What can I say? Peak Recruiters saved my life. I was out of work and about to be out on the street. I followed their instructions and tips and they had me placed very quickly. Thanks Peak Recruiters, you are the best!
Joy M.

I would recommend Peak Recruiters to anyone I know looking for a job. They are extremely professional and had me placed within a week. Thanks Peak Recruiters!
Jim C.

The Peak Recruiters method just works. I was a little hesitant at first but I really needed to find a good job fast. Peak Recruiters worked with me on my areas of need and got my resume fixed. Once I followed their recommendations I had a job in two weeks. A big big thank you to Peak Recruiters.
Wayne R.

Please accept this letter as a thanks. Your company never gave up on me and showed me everything I needed to do to get a job. Guess what? I was hired yesterday and I start my new job tomorrow! Thank you very much Peak Recruiters. I really owe you. P.S., Jon was an amazing person to work with over there.
Rosa D.

You really have the whole process down over there. From the time I started until the day I was hired, everything was geared towards getting me a job. That can't be said for all job sites. Thanks Peak Recruiters.
Omar E.

I have been at my job for two weeks now and I love it! Thanks Peak Recruiters for getting me such an amazing position. I will definitely be telling my friends about all the help you provided for me. Good Luck!
Dave K.

I must admit I was skeptical at first, but you got me hired and I am grateful. I have already recommended your service to my niece and neighbors. Thanks Peak Recruiters, you have my vote!
Dusty R.

Thanks Peak Recruiters! I just got back from my second interview and I accepted a wonderful job offer. I can't wait to tell you how it goes..... my first day is Monday! Keep up the good work!
Carol F.

Peak Recruiters is the best service I have ever tried. They made me an extremely polished candidate and I was hired right away. Thanks for all the help with my resume and interviewing skills, I think it made a huge difference!
Loralyn E.

I needed help and Peak Recruiters delivered. They helped me get the interviews, and I got hired very quickly. My job is going great and I am learning a lot. I recommend Peak Recruiters to everybody!
Sam H.

This email is to thank you and your company for all the help you have given me over the last month. I was so lost and looking for a job. I had no idea where to begin. You stepped in, showed me what to do, and how to fix my resume. When I got my job I just knew it was because of the help you provided to me. Thanks Peak Recruiters, you are the best!
Nadine B.

Thanks PeakRecruiters.com! Just wanted to let you know that with your help and I got my dream job and I start next week. I really have to hand it to you. You guys know exactly what people need to do to get the jobs they need. You get an A+ in my book.
Sal L.

WOW ! You all had me hired in one week. Thank You PeakRecruiters.com.
Mitch D.

First off, thanks to Ray over there for helping me get set up. A message of thanks is deserved. I had been searching for a job for seven months before enlisting the help of Peak Recruiters. Well, I just agreed on a salary and I start my new job in two weeks! Thanks Peak Recruiters!
Melissa R.

You offer a great service at PeakRecruiters.com and I am so happy I found you. I have been in my new career for a month now and I am so happy with the company I work for. Thank you so much for helping me get my life and career back on track.
Cindy A.

Thank You Peak Recruiters. After I lost my job in April I looked and looked for a new job. I must have submitted my resume 5-800 times across all the job sites. I hardly got any responses and was so discouraged. When I started working with your company I was cautiously hopeful. Well, now I am employed and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for all your help and for finding me the perfect job!
Kathy S.

A special thank you to Peak Recruiters. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a job. They single handedly helped me get my current job and I love it. I look forward to going to work every day. Thanks Peak Recruiters!
Tim J.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart peak recruiters. I don't have to worry about how I am going to pay the bills anymore. My new job is going great and I even like my new boss! Thanks again for all the help.
Yvette. C.

Many thanks to the Peak Recruiters team. I was placed so fast that I didn't really get to say thanks. So please forward this to Greg, he was so much help in the interview preparation stage. You are doing a great service with your company. Keep up the great work.
Martin S.

My new job is so awesome. My self confidence is was up and I just know that I am going to move my way up to manager here. Thanks Peak Recruiters!
Scott H.

I never thought your service would help me SO much! I learned so much from your articles and emails. I have been placed and I am waiting to hear what my start date is. The interview was cake btw, thanks to your guidance. Thank you Peak Recruiters!
Juan O.

I got me job this week!! Thanks Peak Recruiters. Now if I can just get a raise pretty quick :-)
Hal G.

Five interviews and two job offers. After months of posting my resume with no responses I have two offers! Thanks Peak Recruiters, your staff has it down.
Florence C.

Hello Career. I just wanted to email your staff and say how much it means to me to have this new job. I was really thinking I would never find a job. With all your help I really felt more comfortable during the interview. When they offered me the position I almost started crying right there. Thanks peak recruiters for ending my unemployment journey!
Rachel O.

So happy with the service I have received from Peak Recruiters. Your staff is amazing and the support materials are top notch. Thanks for all the help getting me placed.
Matthew J.

Hi Peak Recruiters. I just wanted to share some good news with you. I had my first interview today and I think it went really well! They said they would love for me to become their employee. I think I am going to accept the position, I just wanted to talk it over with my husband first. Thanks for all you have done for me.
Barbara T.

Dear Peak Recruiters, I offer my sincere thanks. I have been on the job for three weeks and I absolutely love my new position. Everyone at the new company is really nice and the learning curve wasn't as steep as I thought it would be. Your company gave me hope, when I needed it most. I had been searching for a job on my own for four months. Shortly after uploading my resume, I started getting interest. I am now a happily employed woman. Thanks again, I love you guys.
Claudette S.

Working with Peak Recruiters has been a dream come true. I have recommended your service to all of my friends that are looking for better their careers. You deserve many thanks.
Chris F.

Hello PeakRecruiters.com, I got hired today. It was great doing business with you. I wish there were more services like yours on the net. Good work!
Tammy S.

Good Day Sir. Needed to just state my appreciation to your company. You all found me a job and I can breathe again. Thanks for the help and connecting me with my new employer.
Greg E.

Thanks Peak Recruiters. I was placed in my new job ten days ago and I totally love it!
Fred J.

What a pleasant surprise, I got a new job!! Thank you peal recruiters for helping me fulfill my dreams. I can say that I will recommend your service to everyone I know looking for a job.
Georgia R.

I was hired today. Thanks PeakRecuiters.com I couldn't have done it without you. It seemed like some work in the beginning, but once I had everything in order, the interviews starting coming. Thanks again!
Harvey W.

It feels great to send you this email. I want to thank your whole staff for helping me get to where I needed to be. I am now employed and excited about every day I go to work. I was almost ready to give up when I signed up with your company. Well, I am glad I did. Thanks Peak Recruiters, you really did it!
Susan D.

Job hunting is getting so old. I haven't gotten placed yet, but in the week since I signed up with your firm, I have learned so much about interviewing, my resume and the proper way to negotiate salary. I know that I will get more jib offers and interview so much better now. Thanks for all your help!
Stacy T.

I started my job today. I need to tell you how much your service helped me. Thanks peak recruiters for helping me land this great new job. I am so happy and it is because of you and your team.
Tara S.

Dear PeakReacruiters.com, You have such a delightful staff over there. It was wonderful working with you and I am quite happy to report that I have accepted a job offer from the company you set me up with. I will be referring you to my friends and family in need of career help. Have a wonderful day.
Lynn D.

Thanks Peak Recruiters! I was hired on the spot today after my interview. I studied all the material and questions like you said. That was the easiest interview I have ever had. I wish I would have had Peak Recruiters help me for all those interviews I bombed in the past. Thank you again for all the help. I am so happy today.
Clark H.

Today is a great day, I was offered a job after my second interview this afternoon. After months of searching, my job hunt is over. Thanks peak recruiters for helping me.
Brenda K.

I start my new admin job today. I am a little nervous but so excited to be working again. Thanks for all your guidance and help peakrecruiters.com.
Jody G.

You are the best recruiters I have ever worked with. I was placed and working in no time. Please give your team a big pat on the back. Thanks Peak Recruiters!
Scott V.

Thanks for the career help peak recruiters! I just got word that I was hired. A big thank you to all the hard working people over there. Thanks again!
Dan T.

I start my new job on Monday and I am so grateful to your company for helping me get this job. You delivered on every phase you said you would. My experience with Peak Recruiters has been an amazing one. Thanks again.
Bill F.

I was hired this week and just wanted to say thanks. Peak Recruiters is a genuine and caring company with an amazing staff, top to bottom.
Sarah S.

Thank you Peak Recruiters. I have successfully been hired as a retail manager thanks to you. You were right, you can place people in the jobs that they want most.
Nelly S.

I can't thank you enough PeakRecruiters.com. I have been on the job for eight weeks now and I simply love my new job. I was totally prepared for all the aspects of the interview, negotiations, and application because of you all. Thanks again and keep up the great work.
Ryan M.

Hi Peak Recruiters. I am happy to report to you that I have been hired at one of the positions you had me interview for. The job is going to be great for me I think. Thanks for all the help lining this up.
Dean D.

I got a job!!!! Thanks peakrecruiters.com you made me a very happy lady today. After weeks without work, I got the administration job I wanted. And tell Abby hi.... she was a lot of help!
Molly K.

Thanks Peak Recruiters, I was offered a position today and I am going to accept. Your company streamlined the whole job search, application, and interview process. You were a huge help to me. Thanks again.
Oscar D.

Hi Peak Recruiters. I have amazing news today in my voicemail messages. Sharon called from HR and told me they were offering me the position I interviewed for last week! Thanks for all the coaching, you guys and gals are the best!
Patty R.

I can't believe it, I go the job! Thank You Peak Recruiters for giving me these opportunities. I am so glad I chose to work with your company. You are truly amazing. I will be referring more business to you.
Sandra K.

If only all job sites were like this. Thanks for all your help and education Peak Recruiters. I interviewed so much more calm and prepared. I was hired last week and I love my new job and company. Keep it up.
Simon Y.

Well, my friend was right. He referred me to you and you delivered. I start my new management position in three weeks just after my training is complete. The whole process was easy and you really prepared me well. Thanks again for all the help.
Julie A.

Dear peakrecruiters.com. I am thanking you because today I received a job offer. I had been applying for so many positions and nobody was even responding. It only took you weeks to get me interviews and you showed me how to handle them properly. Thanks for all your help. I will let you know how it is going soon!
Stephanie N.

Thank you peak recruiters for all your help and tips. I have been on the job now for two weeks and I love my new position. It is so nice to be able to say I have a job again.
Andrea V.

Peak Recruiters. Thanks for hooking me up with my new career. I have been working really hard to learn my new position. I am just really lucky to have a job right now. Thanks for all of your help.
Scott D.

I want to tell you much your company has helped me. A month ago I was out of work and risking my house. Now I have started my new job and I am about to get my first paycheck. Thanks for helping me turn things around. You really know the career business.
Andy J.

Hi Peak Recruiters. My new job is going great. My friend Melinda just contacted you regarding her unemployment. I hope you can help her as much as you helped me. Thanks again.
Janet R.

I got my first admin job today. I followed everything that your site said to do and I just got placed. Thanks so much Peak Recruiters!
Katy H.

When I first started looking for a job on the internet there were just too many choices. After submitting countless resumes, I was getting discouraged. When I started working with you guys I thought you were just like other career sites. That changed quickly when I started conversing with your staff. Well, after taking your advice and implementing it, I am now signed, sealed and delivered as a new manager. Thanks Peak Recruiters for helping me get things lined up for me.
Stanley C.

Thank you Peak recruiters. I received a call today about the position I interviewed for, and they offered me the position. I am so happy to have worked with and your wonderful company. Thanks for all your help and guidance.
Clara W.

I am very happy to report to you that I have been offered the sales representative position and I have accepted it. This unemployment stretch of my life is over and I am eager to begin this new chapter. Thank you for all your tips, help, and introductions.
Jordan J.

Great News!!! I got a job today. Thanks peakrecruiters.com for helping me achieve my goals. Your staff if the best.
Francis Y.

Thank you Peak Recruiters. I was wondering at first if your process would really work. Well her I am a couple weeks later and I getting interviews. I applied to so many jobs online and nobody even called me back. I am excited to go on these interviews. Thanks again for all the attention and help.
Norman R.

You have the best team over there. I can't believe how much attention you pay to your clients. My job search has been wildly successful. I was just hired by a large marketing firm and I got a wonderful benefits package. Thanks for helping me Peak Recruiters.
Brenda P.

Thank you peak recruiters. I got a job thanks to you and your staff. I recommend peak recruiters to anyone serious about finding a job.
Cynthia W.

Much gratitude to you and your co-workers. I was treated with kindness and respect while working with you. I have since been placed in a new career and love it. Thanks Peak Recruiters!
Kelly H.

Got It! Tell James over there that he was right! I love you Peak Recruiters, you are the best at what you do.
Matt B.

I am a new administrator. Thanks peakrecruiters.com for helping me get hired at my new job. I have been with the new firm for two weeks now and everything is great. Thanks again :-)
Spring R.

Thanks Peak recruiters. I started my new job today and I wanted to thank you for helping me find it. I was a little hesitant at first, but after following your process, it ended just like you said it would....With me getting a new job. Thanks.
Jessie L.

Just a quick note to say thanks. I have accepted the job offer for the clerk position I interviewed for. I start next week and I will let you know how it goes. Thanks Peak Recruiters!
Reggie V.

I knew I had talent and just had to find the right fit. Thanks for helping me find the job of my dreams. I have been there three weeks and it really is fun. Thanks Peak Recruiters for helping me.
Victoria O.

Thank you Peak Recruiters! I just got a job and it is all because of you. You had me prepared and comfortable with all the interviews. Thanks to everyone on your staff that works so hard for people like me.
Melissa N.

I can't thank you enough for helping me get my new job. I was looking for an admin position for two months. I was referred to you from a friend and I am so happy that I am now employed. Thanks Peak Recruiters!
Jennifer S.

Thanks peakrecruiters.com! I just accepted a position that was offered to me after my interview yesterday. I followed everything you said to do and it all fell into place. Thanks again for helping me get a new job.
Henry W.

It took a little reworking my resume and cover letters. But, after changing everything you recommended, I got two interviews. I am still waiting to hear from them, but I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. Thanks Peak Recruiters!
Gail D.

Dear Peak Recruiters, I write to you today with happy news. I have been hired by the company you had me interview with. My job search is over. Thanks to you and all the people over there who helped me prepare for this job. You are top notch.
Allen T.

I want to thank Fred and all the other people that work at Peak Recruiters. You guys really know your stuff. I worked with you for exactly twenty days before my first job offer. I guess you could say I am a really happy customer. Keep up the good work.
Jim E.

Greetings. Just a short note of thanks. I started my new job today and I am very satisfied with how the whole process went. I never felt alone through the job search and was prepared when my interview day arrived. Thank you Peak Recruiters for all that you have done for me and my family.
Karen W.

Thanks Peak Recruiters! You helped me get the job I always dreamed of.....and during a recession! Great Job.
Steve H.

I have been on the job now for seven weeks. My new career is all that I wanted it to be and more. Thanks for all the help finding my new job.
Patty S.

I just wanted to send a letter stating my thanks for all that Peak Recruiters has done to help me further my career. It wasn't always easy, but I stuck with your plan. I am now hired into a new position and very happy with my career more. Thanks Peak Recruiters.
William A.

Thank You Peak Recruiters - You have the best internet career resource section. I have learned so much just by reading your articles. Great stuff!
Betty H.

A quick thank you letter to you and your other staffers. I ended my unemployment today when I accepted a job offer in the wholesale goods sector. Thanks for helping me get a new job Peak Recruiters. You all do a great job. Keep up the good work.
Lola G.

Hi Peak Recruiters. I just wanted to let you know that I got a job today. My interview went great and they said that they would like me to become a member of their team. Thanks for making this happen and thanks for all the time and effort you guys spent getting me ready for the interview. Thanks Peak Recruiters!
Marcella F.

Thanks peakrecruiters.com. I got my job today!! I am so excited to be employed again. I can't wait to start.
Alex S.

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