Cover Letter Things To Avoid

The cover letter is sometimes viewed as the most important tool in your job search arsenal. It is often the first thing that a prospective employer views regarding you and your experience. Though it is important to make sure your cover letter is well written it is imperative that you avoid some of these common mistakes.

1) Don't be too repetitive with the word "I". It is hard to do this, but try to use the word "my" when starting sentences.

2) Don't have a lame opening to your cover letter. Have a strong opening statement that grabs the reader's attention.

3) Don't just copy the information from your resume and retype it. Your cover letter should be different and sell who you are, your skills, and your personality.

4) Try not to make your cover letter too long. If you make your cover letter too long, it simply won't be read all the way through.

6) Don't talk about why you need the job, or any personal issues or problems you are having.

7) Don't forget to spell check, proof read and sign the cover letter.

8) Don't lie in your cover letter. Make sure all your claims can be documented if you need to provide proof.

9) Avoid cliché phrases. It is ok to say, "I am a team player" but word it in your own way.

10) Don't use graphics, illustrations, or photos unless the job you are applying for requires it.

11) Don't forget to address the person the letter is going to and not just the company name. If you are not sure, you can address it to "Human Resources Professional".

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