Salary Negotiation Tips

Salary negotiation can be a nightmare for some people. One of the major keys to salary negotiation is to stay calm and not let your emotions get the best of you. Another important key to salary negotiation is to have a good plan. Follow these tips and plan for the negotiation process ahead of time and you will really increase your chances of securing the salary you desire.

Know ahead of time how much you are worth. Research similar positions in your city, state and zip code. This is one of the first questions you could be asked, so know the answer ahead of time.

Be able to provide documentation, experience, and reasons why you are worth what you think you are worth. Here again, this is a negotiation so bring proof to back up your statements and sell it.

When discussing salary, make sure that there is room for negotiation. This should be asked as a simple and straight forward question.

You might be asked what your salary is at your current job, or your salary at your previous job if you are unemployed. Start first with a salary range. If they do not accept that then tell them the exact number. Make the low end of the range just under what you are or were making.

If it is possible, do a little research to find out what the max salary range is for the company. Maybe you know someone who is working there or has worked there in the past. If it is a large enough company you might be able to find the information online.

Ask about additional benefits other than salary that the company would be willing to give you. Sometimes these are also considered bonuses, and can have performance based stipulations attached to them.

If they make you a salary offer on the spot, don't feel as if you need to make the decision right away. It is common to take a few days to consider your options. It is also important for them to feel that you might be weighing offers from other prospective employers.

If you are unhappy with the salary offer but are still highly interested in the position you can ask for a salary re-evaluation in three months time. This allows them to see how you will perform before committing to a larger salary then they are comfortable with.

Be firm and professional in your salary negotiations. Have a plan and cover your bases ahead of time and you will be happy with your salary in the end.

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