The Man's Job Searching Dress Code:

If you are like me, you always kind of had a fashion sense but didn't always want to apply it to everyday life. If you aren't like me, then you really need to read this article. Why? Because employers these days are looking for someone to represent their company or store properly. And what's more? The other job candidates you are competing against might just dress better than you. So who is an employer going to go with if your credentials, job history, and references are all equal? You guessed it....the better dressed job applicant. Well I am here to make sure that you are that candidate!

Let's first say that different jobs call for different dress codes. You wouldn't show up in a tux for a customer service interview. But, it is important to always look your best, whether your job calls for a suit or business casual.

Some opinions differ but I feel as if shoes are the most important part of a man's wardrobe. They simply show whether you care or not about your image. Further, if you spend a little more money on shoes it will really go a long way. Always go with leather soles if you are buying dress shoes. The rubber soled dress shoes are cheaper, and look cheaper. Generally, black shoes go with black suits and brown shoes go with blue, brown, and earth toned suits. If your job is more casual go with something more relaxed. Always make sure your shoes look new though. Don't show up for an interview in old shoes. You won't look like you take your career seriously and you won't be taken seriously.

When picking socks it is best that they aren't flashy. If you are wearing a dark suit, match the socks to the suit. Don't wear navy blue socks with a black suit. If your suit is a light color keep the socks in the same color palette.

The men's belt is another important part of the wardrobe. It is usually good when you are wearing a suit to match the belt color to that of the shoes you are wearing. If you are in more of a casual setting it is ok to match your belt to some colors in your shirt or shoes.

When wearing a suit, the tie is another very important part of your wardrobe. Don't wear an old wrinkled tie to an interview. spend $30 and get a nice tie. A good way to shop for ties is to go to your local shopping mall and see how the stores have the mannequins dressed. This will give you an idea of what color combinations are in style right now. There are quite a few ways to tie a tie. Try a couple and find out which one you like the most. For more style tips that will keep you looking your best I recommend reading.......

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